Bay Area Living: Understanding the Different Flat Roof Styles Available for Your San Francisco Home

Nov 29, 2023Blog, Foam Roofs, Residential Flat Roofs, Torch-Down Flat Roofing, TPO Flat Roofing

 Are you considering installing a flat roof on your San Francisco home? Flat roofing has grown in popularity among homeowners in San Francisco due to its sleek and modern design, affordability, functionality, durable nature, and variety of styles. So, what are some of the popular flat roofing styles that residents in San Francisco love?

In this article, we’ll dive into some of the most popular flat roof styles in the San Francisco area, several perks of having flat roofing installed on your home, and more information about the services that Equinox Roofing provides.



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Flat Roof Styles Available for Your San Francisco Home

At Equinox Roofing, we provide several flat roofing styles that will withstand the San Francisco climate and provide you peace of mind for many years. 



Residential Flat Roofing Styles 


TPO Roofing: Versatility with Design & Energy Efficient

  • TPO is short for Thermoplastic Polyolefin roof
  • Reflects heat instead of absorbing it
  • Is a popular and versatile roofing option for San Francisco homeowners
  • Known for its durability and energy efficiency
  • Protect against harsh weather, UV rays, and chemical exposure 

Torch Down Roofing: Reliable & Low Maintenance

  • A type of modified bitumen roofing
  • Designed by melting asphalt sheets onto the roof surface
  • Has a waterproof seal and is known for exceptional durability
  • Lasting protection against leaks, weather damage, and fire
  • A reliable and low-maintenance roofing choice 



Commercial Flat Roofing Styles 


Spray Foam Roofing: Superior Protection & Long-Lasting

  • Conforms to any shape or size
  • Provides superior protection against leaks
  • Effectively seals and insulates the roof’s surface
  • Reduces energy costs, is lightweight and long-lasting
  • A smart and sustainable choice for businesses


residential flat roofs, torch-down flat roofing, TPO flat roofing




The Perks of Flat Roofing: Cost-Effective & Functional

Unique & Modern & Energy Efficient

Flat roofing is often found in arid climates where it is less likely to undergo water damage. Flat roofing has a large surface area and is a great choice for homeowners who desire to capture solar energy to help power their homes. In addition, flat roofing will reflect heat and lower your monthly electric bills. 

Less Material & Lower Cost to Repair

Flat roofing is known for a fast installation process that includes less risk and takes up less space and material than your traditional sloped roofing. In turn, this makes flat roofing cost-effective in the long run because you won’t have to pay for as many maintenance visits and costly repairs. 



Next Steps for Your Flat Roof: Equinox Roofing

Equinox Roofing is a local company that is dedicated to providing the San Francisco community with home improvement solutions that have unparalleled customer service, quality craftsmanship, and top-notch materials. At Equinox Roofing, our goal is to be your go-to company for all of your interior and exterior home needs. Our team is well-prepared to help you find the most personalized roofing solutions for your home. In addition to installing flat roofing systems, we also provide a variety of other services that include:

Commercial Roofing: repairs, replacements, maintenance, and roof coatings

Residential Roofing: installations and inspections

Roof Types: asphalt shingles, tile, metal, and slate roofing

Insulation services

Gutters: seamless gutters, sectional gutters, and gutter guards

Landscaping: yard renovation, pool remodeling, block & retaining walls, driveways & walkways, decks & pergolas, landscape design, and fences


Call us today to learn more about our services, receive more information about having a flat roof installed, or get a free estimate!



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