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Are you looking for a cost-effective commercial roof that’s long-lasting in San Francisco? Look no further than a TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roofing membrane. TPO roofs give commercial properties the overhead protection needed to keep your business running smoothly. TPO roofs are available in white, black, and gray and carry many benefits that you can check out below.

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TPO roofing membranes are inexpensive and easy to install and maintain. So if you’re looking for a new commercial roof that won’t break the bank, TPO is the right choice for you.

Easy Installation

As we mentioned earlier, TPO roofs are easy to install, which means cheaper installation costs.

Energy Efficient

The reflectiveness of a TPO roof is worth every cent and more. The outer membrane of a TPO roof is a layer that consists of various materials which surpass the EPA’s ENERGY STAR requirements. A TPO roof will reflect the typical California heat, preventing it from leaking into your building and affecting your cooling costs.

Common TPO Roofing Issues

Punctured Membrane

Harsh weather and aging can sometimes lead to punctures in your TPO roof’s membrane. When this happens, you must contact our San Francisco roofing contractor for assistance. A torn membrane means your roof’s foundation is exposed, which could potentially lead to leaks.

Adhesive Melting

Extended exposure to UV rays will affect your TPO roof over time. The heat coming from the sun can deteriorate the adhesive seals keeping the membranes together. When this begins to happen, your roof becomes open to further damage.


Overexposure to heat can also cause your TPO roof to start looking distorted. Sometimes the overexposure to heat will cause seam failures to crack, which shrinks your roofing membrane leaving it distorted.